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The AstroMC Dome Control package includes a Rotation Controller and Hub, a 2 motor Shutter Controller, Wireless Radio system, RS-232 interface with a USB option, and PC software.

As with all dome or roof controllers, some adaptation is required in order to sense dome position as it rotates. We provide one of several sensor boards depending on the specifics of your installation. We'll assist in selecting the right sensor for your application.

A DC motor driver is solid state which allows for ramping of the dome and rotation speed control. If you have an AC motor then you will need a relay transfer board, sold separately under Integration Parts. We supply example diagrams, but to be sure, have that work done by a qualified electrician.

In addition, all the features of our Roll off Roof controllers are included:

· Remotely turning on/off Low Voltage equipment power. Optional tie to Master Power function (All On/Off)

· Remotely turning on/off RoboFocus Power Accessory outlets. Optional tie to Master Power function.

· Remotely turning on/off up to three CPS high voltage switches. Optional tie to Master Power function.

· User configurable tie of Master Power function to ACP "Weather Connect" command for true remote/web based "All power On/Off" capability for positive control of equipment safety. Never again do you need worry about your equipment.

· Remotely controlling roll-off roof with fully compliant support for the ASCOM Dome Class to assure complete ACP integration. ACP Scheduler or script can initiate a cover open/close. Support for ACP Unsafe Shutdown script. Never again worry about weather damage to your valuable investment. CCD Commander and CCD Autopilot are also supported.

· For those of you who are fond of Scripting, all AstroMC functions are reachable via scripts resulting in virtually unlimited "personalization" of your observatory.

· Our PC software, also now allows a VB or Java script to be run automatically after the Roof is Open and another script to be run before the Roof Closes. This give you the ability to touch every piece of equipment that has an Active-X interface ( e.g. ASCOM interface, power interface, etc.). In addition, we allow you to run a manual script at any time that is not tied to Roof Opening or Closing.

· Optionally, measure humidity, observatory inside temperature and dew point, using this data to automatically control activation of dew management and dew removal equipment. Never again worry about when to activate dew removal heaters. It's automatic! Order our AMC-110 add-on kit.

· Complete integration of AstroAlert, Boltwood I/II and the Extech RH401 low cost IR temperature sensor.

· Full integration of weather sensors via the ASCOM Weather Class with a direct interface to ACP via server (included).

· Remotely initiate remote restart of computer and/or software components

· Support for an ASCOM compliant MasterControl Class that can be accessed by ACP or other programs. AstroMC is your Master Control Hub for the observatory.

· Either RS-232 or USB 1.1 interface support and PC desktop software included.

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10.

· Beginning with PC software release 2.2.0, we offer 2 script triggers: One that starts after the dome shutter is open and one that starts just before shutter closes. These can be either Visual Basic or Java script languages and are completely open to any ASCOM interface or scriptable interface of any capable hardware or software (e.g. Sky-X or any ASCOM mount, focuser, switch, etc.) This gives you ultimate and repeatable startup and shutdown processes.

The controller comes with a 90-day limited warranty as board products and a 1-year limited warranty if provide in our box which includes full cable set for quick integration.

Note: As with all high current DC motors, a suitable 12 VDC power source is required. Batteries are generally ineffective for most applications. A 30 amp supply from Pyramid or Alinco is an investment in reliability and durability for your observatory, which you will appreciate over time.

This is the ultimate in precision observatory control.

Your Price:$1,005.00
Weight:2.500 lbs